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I absolutely hate ballpoint pens. Fountain pens all day!

I’m a dude, and I’m lefty, so you can imagine my hand writing probably isn’t the prettiest. But I’m really weird, I have tons of styles depending on situations.

For example:

- Un-sharpened pencil: really ugly writing because It doesn’t feel the same and I just put no effort

- Sharpened pencil: better but still not the best

- Mechanical pencil: perfection

- Ballpoint pen: uglaaaayyyyyy

- Fountain pen: perfection

I remember I let my friend borrow my notes once, and he skimmed through to see how many pages, and was like “this isn’t your stuff” - I’m like yes it is, I write completely differently with different writing utensils, different speeds, different papers, different hand positioning. I never write the same way twice basically. Sometimes my ‘a’ actually looks like this, with the curve on top, sometimes its the normal a, each letter has so much variation. I enjoy playing around with it all.

I wish I could do cursive though, I’m HORRIBLE at that. DREADFUL.

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